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Love I loveL-O-V-E,Love... La...love, I will not give you riches. Riches are not my wishes I ll give you the vow of my life. L-O-V-E,Love...lalala....Love... L is for life and living. O is the oath of giving. V and E,vow of ete...

我不知道该怎么选择~到底是爱我所爱~还是非爱我所爱~突然觉得自己好贱…… I do not know how to choose ~ in the end is love or love I love ~ suddenly feel good cheap......

Love what I love. 爱我所爱

love what I love.

love whatever i love

Love my own love ,never mind.

如果仅每个字的头字母分大小写,其他都小写 有2*2*2*2=16种,即A W S A每个都有两种可能; 如所有的字母都可以分大小写 有2^9=512种,即2的9次方,每个字母都有两种可能;

love what I love, think what I think

繁体:爱我所爱 英文:I love to love 满意么?Thank you for adoption (采纳)

like me institute to love ,(and)hate me the institute hate.

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