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oracle也有case when的语法,照办就行,不过用在where条件中,需要有返回值的比较. 这是根据你提供的语句修改,给你提供一个参考吧: where a.xxx = 'asdf' and ( case when (b.i like '%0%') then true when (b.i like '%1%') and c.creatorCod...

直接加在语句最后就行了。 UPDATE `member` SET score = (CASE WHEN score IS NOT NULL THEN score = 0 ELSE score = 1 END) where id =1; mysql数据库中CASE WHEN语句。 case when语句,用于计算条件列表并返回多个可能结果表达式之一。 CASE ...

Declare @Data VarChar(20) Set @Data = '' Select Case When @Data Is NULL Then NULL When @Data = '' Then 'Data is empty' End 或者: CASE WHEN (ID IS NULL) THEN 'YES' ELSE 'NO' END AS ID_Value,

你应该这样写 select * from 表 where 1=1 and (case when a=1 then a when 表.字段='asdfasdf' then b end)='值

mysql> CREATE FUNCTION HelloWorld4() -> RETURNS VARCHAR(20) -> BEGIN -> RETURN 'Hello World!'; -> END; -> // Query OK, 0 rows affected (0.00 sec) mysql> select HelloWorld4() // +---------------+ | HelloWorld4() | +-------------...

可以 select case 性别 when 1 then '男' when 2 then '女' end as 性别 from 数据表 在数据库操作 select case when end 是标准Sql语句。

去这个地方看看就明白了: http://zhidao.baidu.com/question/336737352.html 我已经回答过了。

select case stf.stationType when 'RAIN' then '雨情站' when 'RECIMEI' then '水位站' else '流量站' end tationName from radar_stations_info stf

select case when diff_flg=0 then jet_nm+'哈哈哈' else diff_flg END from je_test where je_id = 1

举例说明 SELECT CASE a.AFTER_QUALITY WHEN '0' THEN '过免维期' WHEN '1' THEN '未过免维期' ELSE '错误数据' END AS AFTER_QUALITY FROM t_maintain_log a 数据库表内容:

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