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2015.2.28雅思回忆:小作文柱图大作文是some students take one year off between finishing school and going to university ,in order to travel or ...

year out是年复一年或者连续多年~~~;year off有休假一年的意思,不过应该是v.+a year off吧~~

月份 年

start tomorrow off until February 1, go to work, Here I wish you a happy Spring Festival and I support. If you have any questions I will...

take a year off 休假一年 双语例句 1. A successful completion of that treatment would take a year off his sentence. 如果这些治疗成功的话,他将可以减刑一年.

It was an off year 一个难以令人满意的年头(跟丰收年相比) eg: It was an off year for tennis 今年的网球不怎么令人满意。 It is an off year for rice .今年水稻收成不好。


off和to 没有表示方位 in 在里面 on 在上面

好问题!对,Get off work 是正式英语,略有下班之意。 Knock off 是俚语,作为俚语,knock off 有几个不同意思: 1. 下班,休息,或停止。如:Let’s knock off work at noon. 2. 完成,做完,草草了事: That author knocked off a book a year...

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