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小年快乐 的意思


off-year election 非大选年的选举 off-year [英][ɔf jə:][美][ɔf jɪr] n.非大选年; 例句: 1. When voters look at your administration two years from now, in the off-year election,how will they know whether you're ...

It was an off year 一个难以令人满意的年头(跟丰收年相比) eg: It was an off year for tennis 今年的网球不怎么令人满意。 It is an off year for rice .今年水稻收成不好。

year out是年复一年或者连续多年~~~;year off有休假一年的意思,不过应该是v.+a year off吧~~

TimeVar 分析此参数是以2000年为基准的,到当前时间的秒数值。未找到依据。 Num4Y是计算当前时间包含多少个4年 Off4Y是说明当前时间对4年取余后的数值...

Chua, a petite 48-year-old who carries off a short-skirted wardrobe that could easily be worn by her daughters (now 15 and 18), gave as good as she got. “To be perfectly honest, I know that a lot of Asian parents are secretly s...

根据题目要求每年要先write off irrecoverable debts(就是bad debts)然后再用allowance method 计提allowance for receivables 2006 bad debt expense(就是irr...


switch off for earth hour this year 这一年的地球关灯一小时 - - - 1请采纳

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